For a fitness club of any format

MilkShaker is a compact milkshake machine. It can be installed anywhere. Children and adults will be happy when they try cool milkshakes from the MilkShaker machine.

Perfect consistency of the shakes thanks to the patented mixing system! 4 cocktail flavors + 3 refreshing drinks. Easy maintenance and ease of use!



Stand-by mode – 120 W
Cooking mode – 150 W

From 4 months to a year. Payback rate depends on the number of clients in the club.

You can use any sports nutrition product you want. According to the contract of sale of the machine you have no obligation to use only recommended or our products. Although we can offer you quality products at special prices, because we work with manufacturers directly.

No. Maintenance of the dispenser is very simple. If you connect the dispenser to water through a filter, you only need to fill the powders and periodically wash the mixers. Mixers are washed under running water or replaced with a spare every 3 days.

We recommend it on water. Milk is extra sugar (lactose). Many people are allergic to milk. The machine has a very powerful 16,000 rpm mixer. The shakes come out very airy. Most people think the drink is on milk.

1. Find a popular fitness club in your city
2. Send him our prepared proposal on your behalf and negotiate the lease
3. Open company
4. Order the machine and powders
5. Install it and start earning


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